The Weekly Roundup Final Edition?

I’ve been back home for a while now (three weeks to be exact) and already Geneva feels like an age away.

My final week was a bit of a mixed bag of emotions – I was tired from my trip around, but impatient to get packing, whilst not wanting to go home and simultaneously excited at the thought of seeing everyone in York again. See what I mean? Maybe that’s normal.

There were lots of goodbyes to be had, of course. Not going to lie, I’m missing everyone loads. But hey, thank goodness for budget airlines (love you, Easyjet!), so I doubt it’s the last time I’ll see some people. That is if I still don’t need a visa to get anywhere else in Europe (obligatory Brexit comment – it really is everywhere). Although I did get the chance to do something cool that I’ve never done before – an escape room! Basically, you and your team get locked in a room and you have to solve the clues and the puzzles to get the key to get out. Think those internet point-and-click puzzle games. Just me? Ok then. It sounds really dodgy at first (being locked in a room by total strangers), but it’s really fun! We managed it in about 53 mins out of the hour we were given which, considering that some of the clues were broken, isn’t bad going I reckon.

The most traumatic days were the last two. Not only did I have to finish packing (which turned out to be a much bigger task than I anticipated), I also had to clean the whole room so the Accommodation Office didn’t deduct my deposit. So I spent a good part of that day and the morning I was supposed to be leaving dusting every surface I could find, hoovering the floor, cleaning the window blinds, only to find that the inspector barely glanced at them. Just a bit disappointed at the anticlimax. But she gave me back my deposit and I gave her back the key, and that was that. The end of an era.

So now I’m back and I think I’ve just about recovered from the strangeness of being back home. I seriously had a couple of moments where I panicked because I thought my dad was driving on the wrong side of the road, and I did a double-take when I heard people speaking English in the street with a Yorkshire accent. But I’ve re-integrated now! I maintain that the money’s weird, though.

What else do I need to catch you up on? I’m currently (f)unemployed, so I’ve had a lot of time to job hunt (if you’re reading this, please hire me) and sort out some really boring admin stuff (yay, insurance!). A couple of weekends away, including Latitude festival where I was doing a temporary job serving coffee to the bleary-eyed morning festival goers. Oh, and going to see me housemates on their graduation! Congrats on graduating and getting into your masters! That was a nice meal out, and it felt good to be back in Norwich, actually. Anyway, I realise I’m close to wittering on about nothing important or noteworthy, so I won’t bore you.

Of course, this all begs the question of whether this is my last blog post ever? I hope not. I’ll probably end up ranting about the joys of being a university student, or feeling the need to impart totally irrelevant advice on whatever subject. It may not be about Switzerland, but I doubt this will be the last time I blather on like this. Until next time, then?

A bientôt!



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