Day six: Milan.

Milan was hot. 32 degrees-worth of hot. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything over 30 degrees before. Although it did give me an excuse to eat copious amounts of Italian gelato. And that was only in the morning.

So, I bought my map outside the station once I’d arrived and wandered off down the streets. Trouble was, the map didn’t seem to match up with the town in several points. Either that or I can’t read maps. I just got very confused and doubled back on myself a couple of times before I gave up and just took the metro.

The main interesting part of Milan is the old town (always the old town). And I must say, it is very pretty and very glamorous. It was also very busy. There was even a ticketed queue in one of the gelaterias!

Still, I got to see the big sights, which is the main thing! The duomo was very impressive. It was huge, and the masonry on the outside was beautiful. It was in the middle of a massive, sunny square with cafés around the outside (where I got my ice cream! A hot day in Italy, how could you not?), a statue of a random guy on a horse opposite (unfortunately, the pigeons were sat on the dedication) and a huge shopping arcade on the other.

I wandered through the arcade too, which was just as impressive. I’m not sure when it was built, but the architecture was really pretty, and there were frescoes on the ceiling! In a shopping centre! There were also lots of designer shops, in which I’m sure a pleb like me would be sniffed at. Although it doesn’t seem surprising given the location.

The rest of the afternoon I spent exploring the little side street bits. I always like having a peek down the side streets away from the crowds. Don’t know why, I just think they’re really interesting. I had a peek into a small church in a square just away from the main duomo (so cool on the inside – it was glorious!), and found a museum-centre-looking-thing which actually looked rather closed. It was still nice to have a look around. Maybe I’m just nosy.

Just the (blurry) Mont Blanc being mountainous and snowy.

Before I knew it, it was getting on to four o’clock and I had to head back to the station to pick up my bags and then head to the bus station. And I must say, Ouibus from Milan to Geneva (and the other way, if you so wished) is brilliant. It’s actually cheaper and quicker, and you drive through the mountains and under Mont Blanc. I mean, come on. (Ouibus, will you pay me now?) Although Milan bus station is a grim place. Don’t want to hang around there for longer than you need to.

So, that’s the end of my whistlestop tour around some of the nice places to see in and around Switzerland. I’d recommend to everybody (whether you are currently in Switzerland or not). That said, if I had any advice, it’d be to take at least two or three weeks instead and spend a few days doing each place. Saves you rushing around, and you get to do the things that you only spotted just as you were heading to the station to move on. Who knows, I may just have to go back and do that myself!

A bientôt!


*Editors note: yes, I know there are no photos yet. I may be doing this on my friend’s laptop when I forgot my memory stick with all my photos on it and after I’d deleted them off my phone. Oops. To be continued…?!



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