The Weekly Roundup 17th Edition : Bucket List

I can’t believe that I’ve only got a week and a bit left in Switzerland! How time flies when you’re having fun.

But it’s got me thinking about my Geneva ‘bucket list’ – things that I haven’t done yet but I definitely need to do before I go. So, here are a few things I’ve had in mind:

  • More museums: Maison Tavel, MEG, CERN, Patek Phillipe.
  • Swim in the lake (I shall brave the cold!).
  • Take a boat across the lake.
  • Eat one last fondue.
  • Explore some other cities and places in Switzerland, including but not limited to: Bern, Zurich, somewhere in Ticino, and Milan (OK, that’s in Italy, but come on, it’s Milan!).

I started thinking about this list a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been through several versions as other awesome things come up!

I’ve already managed to do some of them this week – I went to the MEG, which was really cool! It’s the Musée d’ethnographie (or the Ethnography Museum). It contains a huge selection of artefacts and objects of cultural and religious significance from all over the world. It’s amazing! Basically, it’s a massive room divided into five aisles, roughly each one representing a different continent. There are so many interesting and unusual things to see.

A mirror and chest from Mexico.
An ivory figurine from Russia
A brick from the Great Wall of China
An 18th century map of India and eastern Asia

I spent most of my time in the temporary exhibition, which was on the Amazon rainforest and the culture of the Amazonian tribes who live there. That was really interesting to see too – there were descriptions about early exploration of the Amazon and the way of life of the tribes who live there; objects and artworks representing traditions and just stuff they use around the hous; and there were interviews with tribes members talking about what the politics and the envrionment are like today. So like I said, really interesting!

So that’s one thing down from the list. MEG: check!

Another thing that happened this week was the Fête de la musique. It was something that I didn’t even realise needed to be on my list, but I’ve ticked it off now, at least a little! Essentially, it’s a giant, free music festival that takes over the entire city for a weekend. There are hundreds of gigs in hundreds of venues all across the city. It’s so cool and I’ve already decided need to go back next year. I went on Friday night to see a choir concert in the cathedral, and afterwards ended up sticking my head in on a piano, violin and cello trio in the hall next door and a blues guitar group in a courtyard down the street. Then I wandered with my friend back to Parc Bastions, through a silent disco on the terrace overlooking the park, and discovered a reggae group on main stage (for lack of a better phrase – it was the biggest and most prominent), a blues one tucked away on a stage between two of the big mansions, and a proper rock band on a stage just down the hill on the other side! And that was just in Parc Bastions! It was incredible and I would have happily stayed the whole night, but I was getting a train in the morning, not only did I have to go home, but I’ve missed the rest of the festival because I’m not there! 

Yeah, about that… I’ve also decided to go travelling across Switzerland, basically ticking off all the places I want to go and see in one fell swoop. So far I’ve seen Fribourg, Bern and Schaffhausen. With more to come! I’m looking forward to it – travelling like this is busy but so much fun!

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated!

A bientôt.



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