The Weekly Roundup 15th Edition

What a quiet week it’s been! I did very little at the beginning of it, but I was glad to be able to chill out & not have to run around to various obligations (well, apart from lectures, obviously). And I spent so much time talking to people! I never quite realised how much I must have been hiding away in the IT room or at Boréal working and not talking to people. Be sociable guys – never underestimate the benefits of a good conversation. Especially when it leads to fondue and midnight games of loup-garou (werewolf – if you haven’t tried it, do, it’s so much fun). **cheesy observations over**

One nice part of the week was the bank holiday on Thursday. Because Geneva is a protestant city, you still get a lot of holidays for religious festival. Thursday was Ascension (ok, it’s exactly the same in English) which is held 40 days after Easter and remembers Jesus’ ascension into heaven. And the weather was glorious! 20° and not a cloud in the sky. Summer has definitely arrived – time to break out the summer dresses! I’d agreed to meet a friend for coffee, but we decided to get  ice-cream and walking up and down the lake instead (along with the rest of Geneva, it seemed). And then I ended up studying outside as well! It was a good day.

The weekend was equally quiet. I did have a chance to get some work done, and get some food so I can eat during the week. Sunday was nice – we’ve moved to a new church (building), and it’s in Carouge! It feels nice to have church ‘in my end of town’, so to speak, and I can walk to church in the mornings now. I also had my first experience of watching hockey hockey (as opposed to ice hockey), which was kind of fun.

But that’s about all for this week. Nice and uneventful! But back to work now, as I have exams and an essay deadline at the beginning of June. Maybe May won’t be as quiet as I thought.

A bientôt!


Read the French here!


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