The ‘weekly’ Roundup 14th Edition

Hi. It’s been a while. April feels like it’s been a bit of a blur. I can’t believe it’s already May.

Although, even through the blur, there were several highlights (and big ones!) that I can talk about.

First of all, the ESN group organised a trip to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum (now there’s a mouthful) with free entry! Always like free things… The museum was really good, really interesting and even moving. They had testimonies from people who had been helped by the Red Cross/Red Crescent. And I liked the interactive bits – you could flick through the archives (well, reproductions at least), you could walk through installations at the beginning of each section, and there was even a wall where you could manipulate the light.

The Friday after, I went to a workshop that had been organised by the translation faculty at the UN! Only in Geneva. We spoke to two translators from the English department and they explained a bit about how a revision department is organised, the process of revision and some bits of advice on translation in real life (and it was some good advice!). It was quite informative and interesting.

That weekend was also the weekend-long rehearsal for the orchestra before our first concert. Unfortunately, I never made it to the morning session – I was ill since the day before, so I stayed at home sleeping, feeling sorry for myself and waiting to feel better so I could go to the afternoon session, which I did, fortunately! It was also the first time that we played ‘Baal Shem’ and ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ with the soloists, and it was incredible! Real talent. And it was nice to spend the weekend with the other members of the orchestra.

AND THEN the following Thursday, my brother arrived. He came to visit me and to see the orchestra’s concert (I have a feeling that he was influenced by the words ‘Star’ and ‘Wars’). So we did some more tourist stuff – we went to the Natural History Museum, we wandered around the old town and the city centre a bit and we went to the botanical gardens, where there was finally something to see (even though it was still cold)! The concert went well on Saturday – my brother liked it, some friends who came to see it also liked it. So all good there, then!

The rest of the week was mostly taken up with university work, so nothing interesting there. It just always seems to keep coming and never to stop.

That said, there was more music on Wednesday and Thursday night when we had rehearsals and played at the WIPO! Only in Geneva. It was so cool! We played in the big conference hall (which had weird acoustics, actually) and we even got badges to get into the building. I felt very important! I was really nervous before the concert. It was such a big, important organisation, and there were a few important people in the crowd too. But once again, a huge success! Phew! We went and ate together afterwards too, and I didn’t get to bed until 2am.

Friday (the 29th now), I left for the EBCG retreat (the church I go to in Geneva). So, after a quick group work session with some friends at uni, I hurried back to the flat to pack and leave again to find my lift to Leysin. It was quite a good weekend – it was good to be somewhere else, actually. I hung out with my friends, I studied a bit (there’s no escape), and the scenery was incredible!


Ah, I’ve just seen the time (my laptop’s clock says 00:46). So it’s probably time I stopped. I’ll do the English version tomorrow! Or is that today? I don’t know. **

A bientôt!


*I don’t think I’ve actually told you what we played at the concert! It was called ‘An American Symphony’ and we played the ‘Mississippi Suite‘ by Ferdé Grofé, ‘Baal Shem’ by Ernest Bloch, ‘Rhapsody in Blue‘ by George Gerschwin and the ‘Star Wars Suite’ by John Williams (which you do not need a link for to know what it sounds like!).

**Correct at time of publication for the original!

Read the French here!


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