The Weekly Roundup 13th Edition


And back to lectures already. Easter feels so close, yet so far away at the same time. It’s weird. Although that also means that everywhere is selling reduced chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies. This could be dangerous.

I didn’t do much last week – it was the holidays, after all! I caught up a bit on work, finished some coursework, did some reading.

Although, it being the holidays, and me not having to go to orchestra rehearsals, it meant that I could finally go to the YAGs group from church (the young adults’ group) on Tuesday. Only took me seven months… But now I’ll probably have to wait until May for the next time that I can go, once the concert’s over!

On Thursday I went to Annecy for the third time! It is really pretty there. But, more to the point, it’s a lot cheaper if you need to buy clothes. I wanted some new shoes in an attempt to preserve my other pair which are almost worn through on the heels (and it costs as much to repair them here as it does to get a new pair). I got home with a new pair of shoes, two t-shirts and a pair of sunglasses. A successful day, then.

Yesterday I went to the cinema to see ‘Zootropolis’, which was so good! Yes, it’s a kids’ film, but no-one said that adults couldn’t enjoy it too! It was really funny (oh my gosh, the sloths in the DMV!), had a good story (if a bit of the typical Disney cheesiness) and the casting was quite good too. And Shakira is a gazelle. So I highly recommend it – for children on the outside and children on the inside (like us)!

So there we go. Short but sweet. And now, back to work!

A bientôt.


Read the French here!


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