The Weekly Roundup 12th Edition – Birthday Special

♪ Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… ♪

I am 22*. It feels weird to say that – I feel like I’m now officially an early-20-something rather than some sort of honorary teenager-student-type.

But what a couple of weeks it’s been! Most of it was taken up with my birthday treat: ‘La Légende du Roi Arthur’ (‘The Legend of Kind Arthur’), which I went to see with my friends who came over from the UK. Thinking about it, that’s pretty much all that the last two weeks has revolved around!

That said, I went out for lunch again with my friends the Monday before (shout out to La Feuille de Banane – THE student restaurant in Geneva), which was really nice. And in rehearsal for the Orchestra on Tuesday, we played the Star Wars suite for the first time all together! Awesomeness abounds! It will be a struggle to play that without a huge, stupid grin on my face.

Then Thursday, my friends from the UK arrived! Two of my housemates that I lived with last year (and will live with next year) agreed to fly all the way out to Geneva to see me, and then spend a day in Lyon watching people dressed up as knights and princesses singing. It was brilliant!

Yep. Lots of exercise.

I made sure I gave them a quick tour of the main sights in the city, including the lake of course. This time the weather was actually nice and sunny, as opposed to grey and bitterly cold when I tried to show my parents around. It was a lot of walking, though. We tend to walk together rather than take public transport, but it was nice, because you sometimes see more like that. And I need the exercise.


The highlight of the week, though, had to be ‘La Légende du Roi Arthur’, the latest musical by Dove Attia (‘Mozart l’Opéra Rock’ anyone?). For those who didn’t get the reference at the end of my last blog (let’s face it, it’s probably a large majority), this is the song I was on about. So, Saturday, we packed ourselves onto a train and headed for Lyon, in time for the matinée performance. We went and had a nice lunch out in a nice little bistro, which had good food but slightly questionable décor. Then we got horribly lost (albeit briefly) trying to find Halle Tony Garnier, which was a venue halfway between a theatre and an arena, where the show was on. We found it eventually!

The musical was awesome!! See, it even gets two fangirl exclamation marks. Basically, they took all the well-known legends about King Arthur (plus an extra one they seem to have made up themselves as a plot device, but we forgive them), put songs to them, add costumes that look like they came from Game of Thrones (I have that reference from good authority i.e. someone who actually has read/watched Game of Thrones. Don’t judge me.) or Disney, add some dancers and some acrobats, a massive screen that acts as a digital (and occasionally moving) backdrop, and voilà – one incredible musical comedy! The DVD is definitely on my Christmas list now (*cough cough* mummy & daddy *not-so-subtle hint*).

And when I say lots, I specifically mean 2 litres.

The week took a turn for the worse though, when I fell spontaneously sick on Monday, and spent the whole day sleeping and feeling thoroughly sorry for myself. Which was really bad – Monday was the only other free day of my week for me to hang out with my friends and they were going chocolate shopping. But, bless them, they took good care of me – they ended up going out, leaving me instructions to rest and drink lots of salt water, which apparently is the cure for all ills! Proper mother hens sometimes 😉 .

So I spent the rest of the week slowly pulling myself together, and having to ditch them again to go to class occasionally. It’s a shame that classes didn’t work out (one was moved so I had two classes on a day when I usually have one). Saying that, we did find time to do some things together, and we all spent the last day together, back by the lake in the sunshine (it was the nicest day of the week, actually. It was really spring!).

Then they went home on Friday. Time flies when you’re having fun. And the flat felt so quiet and empty without them! I’d got used to sharing my room with two other people.

So my weekend was spent catching up on all the assignments for next week. I feel quite pleased with myself though – I managed to get through all four of my translation assignments in good time. Boom. Although I have discovered that financial translation is probably not something I’d want to pursue as a career. She says that now…

And so here we are. I celebrated my birthday proper on Tuesday by going to lectures and orchestra rehearsal! It was all fine though – they were lectures I enjoyed (subtitling – yay!), I handed in two long assignments and then they all played ‘Happy Birthday’ to me at orchestra (although it sort of happened by accident!). So a rather successful day, I reckon.

Today, my one class has been cancelled, so I decided it would be the best opportunity to catch up on my blog a bit. And now you are, so there!

A bientôt!


*Sorry, I had to.

Read the French here!


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Roundup 12th Edition – Birthday Special

  1. Bonjour Bienvenuechezlessuisses!

    It’s Easter Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in the dining room at Solva Ave listening to England play Sri Lanka in the world T20. I have been catching up with your blog, which I didn’t know existed until yesterday! Where have I been? It’s lovely to find out what you’ve been up to in Geneva and to see all the fantastic pics – I’m very jealous of the scenery. Glad to see my b’day card arrived, I was very worried that it would go missing in a warehouse somewhere because I didn’t do the forms right…

    I’m in Cardiff for Easter weekend. So far the weather has been properly Welsh! Megan si bringing her parents over for the day tomorrow, which will be full-on and fun. I am being stared at by Misty so I’d better go and walk her, although hopefully she will decide it’s a bit too damp for her and will not want to go far!

    Your blog is now on my favourites list!

    Lots of love

    A Hilary

    PS England won the cricket! Yeay!


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