The Weekly Roundup 11th Edition

March is already here. How time flies. Wait! I’m all out of breath here! And it was the 29th February. A week full of calendrical phenomena (?! What on earth am I on about?).

Well, Monday was quite productive. It’s a perk of not having a class until the evening, and even better when they’re cancelled! I like the class, but it’s frustrating, sometimes, when you don’t finish before 9pm. Anyway, it meant I could focus better on my other work. And it meant I could have lunch with my friends, which was nice!

The next notable event of the week was on Wednesday. Well, notable doesn’t necessarily mean pleasanhe Friday before, I was having lunch with my friends, when a girl came up to us and gave us a flyer for a play (‘War Pig’) which was on at a local theatre. Feeling adventurous (what could possibly go wrong?) all three of us decided to go and see it. Such a mistake. It was one of these ‘modern’ olays that billed itself as ‘tragi-comic satire’. Tragic, yes, but more annoying than comical. The comedy consisted of repeating the same refrain over and over and over again. And modernity consisted of going five steps too far than they needed to, and for what was tasteful. We walked out halfway through to go to the Italian place next door for a drink. So, to my fellow UNUFE students – don’t go, it’s awful! Rant over.

I had my first yoga lesson on Thursday! I signed up at the beginning of semester in the vague hope that I’d start doing something that resembles sport. I miss my bike, and because I take the tram everywhere, I don’t really do anything else. Anyway, I’d done yoga before and I liked it, so it made sense. And I managed to follow the whole class in French! I’m quite proud of that.

I also had a free day on Friday! I do feel a bit sneaky for timetabling myself a four-day weekend. But I don’t care! It means I can explore a bit… or do the three translations and three lots of reading that I was given during the week. One or the other.

Then, the weekend was the weekend, and now we’re here! So there you have it. I will see you next time (I can’t wait! No spoilers. Apart from the people who know me too well, seeing as I’ve been talking about nothing else).

A bientôt!




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