The Weekly Roundup 10th Edition

I told myself that Sunday would be my blogging day. Apparently Sunday actually means Monday. Oh well, the point is you still get to hear my weekly exploits!

C’est la rentrée again, as they say in this part of the world. Lectures are beginning to lurch into action, and I’m trying to sort out my timetable, fitting everything I want to do in while still having time to eat and sleep. But hey, this should be fun!

I’ve decided to think of this last week as ‘taster week’ – like at the beginning of the autumn semester, you’re not actually enrolled in any modules and the lecturers do basic, introductory sessions for the whole week. So I’ve been to about seven lectures this week, when I only need to do five! And only seven because I missed one lecture that I was interested in a) clashed with another and b) I didn’t even know I COULD take it! But it’s been interesting, and useful. I’ve now discovered what I definitely DON’T want to do, as much as what I DO (that seems to be a phrase I’ve over-used this week).

So, the current line-up is as follows:

Traduction & révision* – learning how to criticise and revise your own and other peoples’ translations (because you never get it right first time), and how to actually BE a translator.

Outils d’aide à la traduction* – basically, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to use all sorts of weird and wonderful software tools as part of translating. This is what they are, what they do & how to use them.

Gestion et recherches documentaires* – more how-to-use-computers-properly for translators – it is not enough to just plug things into Google (worst case scenario – it may not help at all)!

Traduction littéraire* – what it says on the tin, I guess. Literary translation, translating creative texts.

Langues de spécialité* – lots of different texts are technical and specialised, with obscure words that you’ll only find in that subject area. This is how to cope with them.

Civilisation française* – in short, a brief history of France. Seriously, the first lecture we started all the way back with the Gauls, who are some of the earliest known settlers in France, and the Roman Empire.

And yes, for those that know how to count, that makes six classes. I don’t NEED to do six classes, I have enough credits from last semester that I only need to do five to settle my accounts. But it doesn’t FORBID me from doing six… I don’t know. They’re all interesting, and all useful. But seeing as I have a research project and essay for UEA still to do this semester, I’m worried I’ll be biting off more than I can chew. Bon, voyons.

And that’s just the academic stuff! The orchestra’s started rehearsals again (but you knew that already) and it was the first salsa class back on Friday. I’ve signed up for a Thursday night yoga class too, but that doesn’t start until next week. See what I mean about finding time to eat and sleep?

Wednesday night was fun, though. In celebration of the fact that we’re doing ‘Star Wars’ this semester (and the fact that some members of the cello section had never seen it, shock horror! You know who you are!), the orchestra committee organised a ‘Star Wars’ night, where we’d eat pizza and watch one of the films. Obviously, we watched Episode IV, seeing as it was the one that started the whole phenomenon, if not from the story’s point of view.

And I’ve somehow managed to start up another knitting group whilst I’m here! Well, sort of… One of my friends here found out that I knit and said that she wants to do more knitting too. And then it turns out that one of HER friends wants to learn how to knit again too. So there we were, sat on the couch on Saturday afternoon, me attempting to talk about knitting in French, whilst my flatmate took the mickey out of us and called us all grandmothers. Ah, I miss UEA Knitting Society…

Apart from church in the evening, Sunday ended up being my day for getting leftover uni work done. Partially because I discovered that I had two (not half a) translations to do for Monday (well, today) at 11am, and another deadline for a revision the day after (tomorrow). Panic!! How I missed that vital information, I will never know. But I will NEVER let it happen again (cue blog post a month later with the words “it happened again”). And yes, I DID meet the deadline.

And there you have it, folks! A blow by blow account of my first week back. Something tells me it’s going to be a busy semester…

A bientôt!


*Forgot to add English translations of the classes! In the same order, it’s:

Translation & Revision, Tools for Translating, Resource and Research Management, Language for Special Purpose, French Culture & Civilisation


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