The Weekly Roundup 9th Edition

Well that was a good week. So good that I forgot to write my blog for the previous week. So, let’s catch up a bit and do a whistlestop tour of the last fortnight.

A week ago last Tuesday (already!), I came back from Amsterdam. I did have a lot of fun there, and it was nice to see the city again after I loved it so much the first time around. But the flight on the way back was a nightmare. At the beginning, everything was going fine, but the moment we started our descent into Geneva, we hit turbulence. My worst enemy. Let’s just say I have never been so dizzily seasick. But hey, I survived!

I’ve never seen the sunset from a plane, so of course I had to take a photo.

Quickly on to the next highlight of the week – Skype around the world! I did Guides a few years back in the UK (I will go back one day…). Anyway, my old guide leader asked if I’d like to join in with an evening they were doing, talking with scouts and leaders around the world and swapping badges with them, thanks to Skype and this wondrous thing we call the internet. So, on Thursday I spoke to a scout leader from Taiwan (temporarily staying in France!), one from Sri Lanka, some Brownies from the UK and two leaders from Australia. I hope we end up doing things like that more often! It was really cool and really fun!

The next few days were spent getting ready before my parents got here. Apart from that, Valentine’s Day celebrations involved making a heart-shaped chocolate cake laced with cherry jam. And yes, it tasted incredible.

Then mummy and daddy arrived! It was really nice to see them, but a bit weird at the same time. It was also a good excuse to be a tourist and go and visit places again, or see some new ones. So, things I saw a second time include: the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, the Jardin Anglais, the UN and H&M. Things that were new for me: taking a boat across the lake, the Botanical Gardens, going to see Hail Caesar!.

Because I’ve already told you about the MAH, the UN and the Jardin anglais, I’ll tell you about the new things I did. First up, the lake – it probably wasn’t the best day to do it, as it was really windy (and so cold! The kind that will even get through your warmest winter coat) and the lake was a bit rough. But it was still kind of fun. Probably not for the genevois, though – it’s still just another type of public transport for them!

Second bit of tourism – the Botanic Gardens. Considering it was winter, it was still quite pretty. We wandered around the rockery, we saw the animals in the animal park, which I definitely want to go back to in spring. Then I can see all the baby ducklings on the pond!

And finally, Hail Caesar!, the new Coen brothers film. It was fantastic! It isn’t the same kind of film that the trailer suggests, but it’s still very funny, very entertaining, and personally, I wanted to see what happened to all the characters afterwards. But I guess that’s what we’ve got an imagination for, isn’t it? To summarise this miniature review, I really recommend it – I liked it a lot!

Ok, this is the French poster.

My parents went back to the UK on Friday, and I was alone once more… OK, not really.

But wait – that’s not all! I ended the second week going on a retreat with the young adult group from a local church. Loads of people went skiing on Saturday, but not being much of a skier, I chose a different route! There was a small group of non-skiers who were going to Annecy to look around and get dinner. It was nice to see Annecy again. There was even a Venetian carnival on that week(end) – which was really cool to see, with people in masks wandering around the city. But the whole weekend was a good chance for me to relax and recharge before lectures start again…

So that’s it, I’ve finished! Obviously, it was longer than usual, so hopefully I haven’t bored you! Looking back, it’s been quite a busy week. And I will admit that I don’t feel ready in the slightest for the start of the next semester, but there we go. Whatever happens; I’ll keep you updated about it!

A bientôt.



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