The Weekly Roundup: 8th Edition

Surprise! I’m not actually in Geneva… I’m currently writing this, sat in the bar of a hostel in Amsterdam. I decided, after a little prodding from some friends, to go and see somewhere during the winter break before the second semester. So I chose Amsterdam.

I am enjoying it here – I love the city & I’ve done some pretty cool things. I’ll tell you about them properly when I get back.

I only got here on Thursday, though. Not that the beginning of the week was too busy.

Monday ended up being an admin day and essay day. I tell you, writing a report summarising everything you’ve obtained over a semester is harder that it sounds. And I’ve finally printed off the scores for next semester’s orchestra programme! So hyped! Including Bloch, Grofé, Gershwin AND ACTUAL STAR WARS! I’ll try not to fangirl too much.


Tuesday was fun, because I decided to go ice skating with a friend! Seriously, ever since I went a couple of Sundays back, I’ve been itching to go again. I think I’ve got the bug. We ended up spending about two hours there, though. And I’m feeling a bit more confident on the ice now – I actually managed stopping properly, and turned around a couple of times (in a very wide arc mind, but I still ended up facing the oppostite direction).

Look mum, I’m doing it! And I’m not falling over!

Wednesday was my most exciting day – I finally decided to go to the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire (MAH) in the old town. I’d always wanted to go and see it, and it’s free, and it’s the holidays. Perfect!

It’s even pretty on the outside.

It was nice and quiet too, being in the middle of the day, at a time when there aren’t many tourists visiting Geneva. I decided to start at the bottom and work my way up. At least that was the plan, I don’t know if I stuck to it very well.

Anyway, I started in the armory, which was full of stuff dating back to the 17th century. And it was all really pretty! Hear me out – I even feel weird saying that. They’re instruments designed to kill people, I should not be thinking about them like that. But whoever made them put such intricate decorations on them, the craftsmanship is amazing. So there.

The rest of the collections were really fascinating. I particularly liked how they set out out in actual rooms, so you could see it all ‘in situ’. The ’18th century by way of the 21st century’ room was really cool, and in another a lady was doing a demonstration on the harpsichord.

My final stop was the silverware collection on the 1st floor. It sounds pretty boring at first, but there was quite a bit of history there, just looking at where the pieces were from, and when, and who they belonged to. And again, the detail and the craftsmanship was extraordinary. I also tried to get a picture of some Fabrgé pieces, but I couldn’t manage to get a good quality one in the end.

Then of course, I ended up jetting off to Amsterdam for the weekend. Now we have come full circle. I’ll guess I’ll see you when I get back.

A bientôt!



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