The Weekly Roundup: 7th Edition

Welp, the holidays continue. I have tried to work a bit (there were little extra bits from my classes that I wanted to look at in my own time), but let me tell you that it is very hard to motivate yourself when you don’t really have a timetable!

That said, I did get out of the house and do some interesting things.

On Tuesday, I went and did something I’ve never done before – I went to an ice-hockey match. Hockey seems to be Geneva’s ‘national’ sport, and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) had managed to get 40 free tickets for the game on Tuesday. But even if there weren’t any free tickets left, it only cost 10 CHF to get in, so it wasn’t too bad. The local team is Genève Servette, and they were playing the Kloten Flyers (a Swiss-German team, who went by the unfortunate abreviation of “Klo”, which can also mean ‘toilet’ in German…). Anyway, I had a lot of fun! It was very fast-paced, very exciting, a bit showbiz-y. At the very least it was entertaining. But more importantly, we won! I even managed to capture the winning goal on camera.

And then, of course, with university work to do, I couldn’t not go and spend a late morning/afternoon in my favourite café in Geneva (so far. I haven’t actually tried that many cafés around here. This needs to change). Obviously, I’m talking about Boréal. And now I reckon I know the best time to go is Thursday mornings. It was surprisingly quiet then.

On Saturday I’d been invited to go to a classical music concert at the Temple de la Fusterie. In other words, a renaissance music concert in a big old protestant church. It was so cool! The atmosphere was nice and relaxed, and the church setting was really nice. And it was also a style of music that I rarely listen to, if at all. But it was magical, especially with the soaring vocals from the choir. And shoutout to the cellists!

So, there are my highlights for this week. I will let you know the rest of my adventures next weekend.

A bientôt!


This week in pictures:


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