The Weekly Roundup 6th Edition

FREEEEEDOOOOOM! I have finished my exams! I know that might sound confusing, but that’s because last week’s English roundup actually went up on Wednesday, when it should have gone up on Sunday. Oops.

Anyway, my last exam was Thème EN/FR on Wednesday. It was translation from English into French (for non-francophones, of course!), which I was feeling confident with, until I opened the exam paper. I knew what the subject was, I’d read up on it and re-read all the theory from the seminars, but there were extra questions that I wasn’t expecting, and the content of the article was nothing like any of the ones I’d been reading! Anyway, I did my best in the 2 hours I had, but it’s done and over with, now we just have and see what happens. C’est fait, advienne que pourra.

Thursday I did absolutely nothing. Which was quite nice, actually – I didn’t spend the whole day worrying and revising.

Friday I did venture out of the house, though, because I need to eat, and the cupboards were almost bare. This time I decided to cross the border, and I’m so glad I did! I love cheap French supermarkets… I will do a long blog about it one day. Then I became the grammar nerd that I am and got about four books on the subject out of the library. Including a whole one on the subjunctive. Yep. Grammar is cool, guys!

Saturday was even more exciting, because I did a girls trip to Ikea! As if I needed to make myself sound any sadder. It was nice, though, because we had lunch together first, which meant I got to see a bit of Troinex. Troinex is another little village/suburb that’s next-door to Carouge, further out from Geneva’s centre. It is very pretty, and rather fancy. Lots of trees and big houses, and a stream running through the middle. Classy.

But now the exams are all over, I don’t really have anything to do. Actually, that’s a lie – I have a bit of coursework to do for my home uni, but that’s not too big of a deal. So, I made a to-do list! And I’ve even made a start on some of them, too. I shall keep you updated on how it all turns out…

I shall also write a disclaimer about the lack of Christmas-themed blogs. I was determined to do it in chronological order, which involves a video that I’ve been editing, and which I may have now lost. Here’s hoping…

See you next week!

A bientôt.


This week in pictures…


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