Home at Last!

Ok, the title’s a bit misleading – I’m actually sat writing this whilst sat in the Starbucks at Genève Aéroport, waiting for them to announce the gate for my flight. So not back in the UK yet. And I guess it makes it sound like I’m not going back, which is not the case at all!

It’s been a funny/busy week – two days out, 2 orchestra rehearsals + a concert, that general end-of-term feeling, a cinema trip & packing.

So, let’s start with the days out! Again, they’re the kind of things that deserve their own blog post, so I will do that when I have something apart from my phone to type it up on. But on Tuesday I was in Basel for the Christmas markets (Weinachtsmarkt). Then on Wednesday I was in Chamonix to see the snow and the mountains. So stay tuned for those…

Then we have orchestra! This week we had two dress rehearsals on the Monday & the Tuesday, then it was the concert on Wednesday. I am glad to say, it was a huge success! We played Schumann’s 4th Symphony (which I still maintain is too fast for any human musician to play, but we made it through!) and the 1st, 2nd and 7th movements of Ein Deutsches Requiem by Brahms, which we did with the university choir. It was AMAZING. Definitely my favourite out of the two. I’ll put a couple of links in so you can get to hear what they sound like (alas, not from the actual concert – I don’t know if/where there are clips of that available to the public).

(This is actually the whole Requiem, we just did the first two bits & the last bit!)

The classes were getting emptier the further we got into the week. There were less than 10 of us in the Analyse FR class on Friday. But it was all mostly revision, seeing as we have exams at the beginning of January. I’ve got my timetable already, and my first one’s on 11th January. Nooo, I don’t want to spend Christmas revising!

And I have an announcement to make – I have finally seen The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II. Or, should I say, Hunger Games : la Révolte partie II (‘The Rebellion’) The guy in the box office did look at me funny when I asked for a ticket to the version française screening, when I tripped up over trying to ask if they were still letting people in to the screening, but oh well. I’m great understanding it, my tongue just ties itself in knots sometimes when I’m faced with someone who’s been speaking the language their entire life! The film itself was awesome – I know some people have complained about the ending, but it’s almost exactly the same in the book. I felt the same when I read it, but they pulled it off in the film, and I have decided to trust Suzanne Collins’ decision ending it like that now. Although there was one sequence in a sewer which I couldn’t watch. I’m a massive wuss, and that sequence was more like something from a horror film, and possibly because of that, far too long for my liking. For those who’ve seen it, you know EXACTLY which bit I’m talking about. And no spoilers.

Then Saturday was spent last-minute Christmas shopping, packing & tidying my room. That’s all really. Not that interesting.

I need to go and check the departure board again. Besides, this Starbucks has got a fairly atrocious Christmas mix on… I’ll post my French version of this later, vous inquietez pas! And I’ll leave you with another Christmas song…

EDIT: ladies and gentlemen, my flight was in fact delayed. Not by much, though, & I got back to York in good time, still. I just spent an extra 45 mins in Starbucks!


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