The Weekly Roundup 4th Edition

So you may have noticed that I’ve skipped a week… Ok, you got me. But the things that happened last week deserve their own blog posts, so there!

By way of a little teaser, though, here are some photos in advance:

Back to this week. Christmas is coming! I started opening my Advent calendar last week, and I had to decorate the apartment at least a little bit. The whole city’s becoming more and more festive, and Carouge is looking so cute!

It’s a bit weird at university at the minute – everything’s slowing down a bit now that we’ve finished all the topics in class and it’s the end of term. But things are also building up because the exams are not far away either (they’re straight after Christmas). It’s weird to feel the same two things at once.

But of course, because it’s the festive season, that also means it’s the baking season! Well, I actually started in October. I wanted to do a proper English Christmas cake for my flatmates, so, like tradition says, I started two months in advance. Although sometimes I’ve even heard of people starting in September! Then, after making the cake, you leave it to mature until Christmas and add a spoonful of the alcohol of your choice each week. So I’ve finally been able to decorate my two cakes which I’ve been waiting for for two months! Here are the results!

I also made some stained-glass window biscuits for my flatmate who doesn’t drink. They are so good, though I do say so myself!

This weekend was quite busy. It was ‘La Fête de l’Escalade‘ on Saturday, which is THE Genevan festival (I’ll do a separate blog post to explain that, don’t worry). Then on Sunday, it was the carol service at church as well.

But that’s all for now. Keep an eye out for the next few blogs, and I’ll leave you with the first Christmas song that I listened to this year (but you can ignore the final part…).

A bientôt!



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