Fondue in France

A month ago (OK, the end of October), we had a reading week at university. How seriously you took it varied! But I have a French friend who suggested a day out in Annecy, to see the town and see a bit of Haut-Savoie (the French département on the southern part of the Swiss border). So, here’s a few pictures of my brief introduction to Savoyard culture!

The town itself is really pretty – all cobbled streets, old buildings and beautiful canals. Annecy is sometimes called ‘little Venice’, or ‘the Venice of the Alps’. The countryside wasn’t too bad either. On the way to Annecy, we stopped to look at the Pont de la Caille, just outside Annecy. The view was amazing – you could see the whole valley and the forest, and looking all autumnal.

Then, my friend insisted that we try one of the biggest traditions in Haut-Savoie – fondue! You are pretty much obliged to try fondue at least once when you’re in Switzerland/the right bit of France. And I can confirm – it is so good! Apparently, fondue was invented as a way of eating old, stale bread, by dipping it in melted cheese (please correct me if I mis-remembered!). The mix of cheeses depends on what the local specialities are and (I guess the taste of) the restaurant. But like I said, it was so good, and so filling. That said, I’ve always got space for ice cream afterwards!

Then afterwards, we wandered around a bit to have a look at the scenery and a bit more of the town. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

So that was my trip to Annecy. Sorry it’s so late, but better late than never!

A bientôt,



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