The Weekly Roundup 3rd Edition

Well, that will be the first and the last time that I try to write a blog on my phone. I did that for last week’s blog, and it’s just too complicated! Oh well.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, so I’m very much in the Christmas spirit now! Only two more days until I can open the first door on my advent calendar. And people are already singing Christmas carols in church!

So, what’s been happening this week? Actually, Monday wasn’t that bad, especially because I didn’t have any classes. The lecturer wasn’t there, so he cancelled it. Hooray, no 7 – 9/9:30pm class! It was nice to have that evening to myself.

But it’s all swings and roundabouts. There was another class we had to catch up on, so we had two lots of Thème EN/FR this week, and the  second one was an in-class test, which would count towards the final mark at the end of the semester (well, if it is good enough).

Apart from that, my only other complaint for the week is that we didn’t have any hot water this weekend, which was fun. I ended up having to boil water in the kettle to do the washing up… But fortunately, I’ve just found out the BLRU have fixed it, so everything’s fine!

Back to the good news, and humour me while I fangirl. I finally saw ‘Spectre’ last night! It was so good. Well, it was no ‘Skyfall’, but ‘Skyfall’ was AMAzing, so it was difficult to beat anyway. But it was fun, lots of action and a lot of humour, actually. And M, Q and Moneypenny were all awesome. So a solid 4 stars, even though the ‘Bond Girl’ didn’t end up being as badass as I would have liked. But I went to see it in what is now my favourite cinema in the city – Empire. It’s on Rue de Carouge, and it’s a little independent one that’s just been renovated and re-opened. It’s nice and comfy, a massive screen, a classy bar and a lot cheaper than Pathé! I fell in love immediately, 5 stars! (Is it obvious that I like films and cinemas in general?)

And now we’re back to Sunday – Advent, Christmas coutdown & that’s it. Although I will add that I went to an Advent carol service by candlelight tonight. It was so pretty, and really atmospheric. But it was all in English, so I probably need to find a French carol service… See how they do Christmas ‘chez les Suisses‘!

Anyway, I’ve gone on for long enough. A la semaine prochaine!



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