The Weekly Roundup 2nd Edition

It’s finally winter. At the beginning of the week the weather wasn’t that bad, but Friday was like someone had flicked the ‘winter’ switch. It even snowed on Saturday night!

Snofwall on Mont Salève (intentional typo – I hereby declare a campaign to replace the word ‘snow’ with ‘snof’).

What was left of the snow on the rooftops on Saturday morning.
That said, nothing that exciting happened this week. Classes carried on as normal. One nice surprise was when we found out that we’re actually a week ahead with the work in ine class, so that was nice to hear! I could relax for a week!

Usual study session in Boréal on Monday (I can see this becoming a terruble habit). And they were playing the creepiest version of the ‘Clap Hands Song’ that I’ve ever heard (video inserted to demonstrate, but the audio quality is terrible, given it was a noisy coffee shop).


Coffeeee… Complete with fancy fern on top & in a glass).
There was an orchestra rehearsal on Tuesday night, as usual. But this week was a little bit different – we’re doing a secret Santa! So everyone brought a little something to share (I made chocolate chip cookies), and we drew names from a hat for the person we have to buy a present for. No, I’m not telling you who I picked! Although it was nice to have a bit of a longer break and eat and talk with each other.

The only bad news this week is that they’ve cancelled the Fête des Lumières in Lyon because of France’s ‘state of emergency’. I’m quite upset, actually, I was looking forward to it. Although I still have my train ticket, so I’ll probably go anyway!

Sunday picture – Rue du Mont Blanc getting festive with its Christmas market.
  • Also spotted on Sunday – this is actually a stall in the same market selling carved items.

 So that’s it for this week. Told you it wasn’t very exciting! Oh well.

A la semaine prochaine!



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