Welcome to Number 70

Finally, I have both the internet and the time to update this blog! Veuillez excuser le retard (please accept my apologies for the delay – in proper formal French). Well, I say that, it’s actually pretty pathetic and has taken me what feels like an hour just to add some photos.

I’ll admit that I did think of doing a little video blog as an introduction (I filmed it and everything). But… I chickened out. So you don’t get to see me embarrass myself on camera (yet? I don’t want to tempt fate). But what I do have is plenty of pictures, so you still get to see my lovely appartment!

First of all, you’ve probably noticed the ‘featured image’ of this post (basically the one you clicked on to get here). That is the front door! The flats are one of the residences owned by the university, so they’re sort of student halls. It’s one set of flats that’s part of a block of three flats, and there are three of these blocks of three flats, to put it simply. But it seems you have a lot more freedom than with student halls in the UK! People have bought their own furniture for the place, put decorations up, you can even buy your own internet (when I think back to Orwell Close, which wouldn’t even let you buy a router to turn the ethernet connection to a wifi connection)!

Anyway, voilà a little picture tour – amusez-vous bien! (Disclaimer, I did lose a load of photos from the apartment at one point, so they were actually taken at various times).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I live with 3 other people in this flat, and we’re quite a mixed bunch! We have 2 Swiss-Germans, a Brit & a Syrian. But that means we speak French to each other, which is why I’m here in the first place, so that’s nice & good practice! They’re all lovely too, and we all get on, which is a relief!

But now for Carouge, which is the part of the city I live in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So there we have it, folks, the flat and Carouge. I hope you enjoyed that, and I will see you soon!

A bientôt.



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