The Odyssey/Welcome to UNIGE

I’ve made it to Geneva!

Ok, technically I made it last night, but as I’ve had such a busy time of it, I’ll have to tell you two days worth at once. And I apologise profusely that I didn’t blog about picking up the key last weekend, but that actually wasn’t as interesting as it sounded. ANYway…

I’ve made it to Geneva! 10 hours later… We made the ‘wise’ decision to go by train instead of flying. Although it did mean that we didn’t have to worry about baggage restrictions, it did mean a long journey lugging 3 heavy bags and a cello between two of us (me and my mum). Then again, I don’t really think I’m complaining – I think it did turn out cheaper for us to go by train, and I’m not a fan of flying (it’s just not natural…).

The Eurostar at St Pancras. Give me that over Easyjet any day.
Although the cello still needed its own seat on the Eurostar…

Basically, the route went as follows:

Route Map

So, as I said, a grand total of 10 hours by train. The longest bit was between Lille & Geneva (obviously…), which took 4 hours. The trains were really nice though – they had actual legroom! And the views were gorgeous. If there’s one thing the south of France knows how to do, it’s idyllic countryside, complete with rocky cliffs and (still green) woodland. So, 10 hours didn’t actually seem that long in the end.

On the TGV Lyria, the international train service between France and Switzerland. Seriously, you can get on a train for the equivalent of less than 35 quid & you’re in another country without anyone batting an eyelid. Blows one’s mind a little…

Once we got to Geneva, though, it was around quarter past 8, so we just stumbled to the hotel and collapsed in a heap! Stage One complete, though.

Stage Two won’t happen until tomorrow, though, because of… les séances d’information (information sessions) today. It started at 9am with an introduction lecture about how to settle in to Geneva (all the paperwork – yay!), then a bit of wandering around some information stands, a quick tour of the main university buildings (Uni Dufour, Uni Bastions, Uni Mail; in that order), lunch (which was like school dinner, but actually tasted of bolognese) & one final lecture about student life (all the useful things, like how the library works, how the IT systems work, clubs & cultural activities). Busy day!

Lecture hall in Uni Mail.
Outside Uni Dufour.

So I leave you now with this picture of the view from the top-floor café of a department store:

Not bad, Geneva, not bad.

A demain!



2 thoughts on “The Odyssey/Welcome to UNIGE

  1. Merci, Ceri. Nous sommes contents de voir que tout va bien. Peux-tu nous envoyer quelques photos de ton appartement et de ton quartier?

    La classe de 8A


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