It’s All Coming Together

Well, these past weeks have been a bit hectic, but now we’re through it! Yay! So, to update you all…

I have a place to live! There was a scary moment when I phoned up the accommodation office a few weeks ago now, because I hadn’t heard from them for a while. The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hello, I just wanted to check my progress on my accommodation application, as I haven’t heard back from you in a while.”

Accommodation Office: “Well, we’ve already finished sending out all the accommodation offers last week.”

Me: “Oh, OK, so have I been assigned a place?”

Accommodation: “**looks me up on system** No, you haven’t been assigned a place. We’ve had 300 applications for about 50 rooms (the number changed each time I phoned up, so I’m pretty sure they made that up). There is a waiting list, but we can’t guarantee you a place.”

Me: “OK?!?!”

Cue mad rush to find somewhere to live in a city which already has a housing shortage, and where the chances are that any young persons’ residences or rooms to rent are already full or taken respectively.

But then, UEA Year Abroad office to the rescue! They kept in contact with the accommodation office for us as well, and now I have a place in the university accommodation. Thank goodness.

Second big thing that happened: I finally have my attestation d’étudiant, or; proof of study. This means I can do so many useful things: I can pick up my keys, I can open a bank account, I can get a residence permit, (I may be misremembering this, but) I can get insurance. So, big deal! This has also come with my student number and application for a card! You know you’re officially a student when you have your number and your student card…

Now it’s just the (boring) details: insurance, phones, money, etc. The list will be far longer than that, but those are the important ones.

So, consider yourselves updated! I’ll be heading out to pick up my keys and see the flat for the first time soon, so I’ll let you know how that goes when I get back!

A plus,



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